Let the Challenge Begin!

10674637-International-cuisine-represented-by-a-globe-with-flags-from-many-countries-as-Italy-France-and-Chin-Stock-PhotoCooking around the world!  I have created a cooking challenge for myself in order to improve my cooking and to get a chance to try foods from all over the world right from my own kitchen!  My challenge is to create a complete meal made up of food from that country and create dishes well known in those cultures.  I will be exploring, not only the food but the cooking processes, the history, and anything else I can find.  It’ll be my way to travel on the cheap and still get to participate in my favorite part of traveling: eating!!

Each week will be a different country and I will document every step of the process from researching and planning the meal, actually cooking it, and of course eating!  I will hopefully be able to include some reviews from any volunteer critics who would be willing to come over and be my guinea pigs.

To ease myself into the challenge, I will be starting off with the United Kingdom. I have planned out most of the countries I will be exploring, but I would welcome and suggestions of countries particular dishes that people would want to see me try and make.

Join me as I cook my way around the world!


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